A new year, a new blog

To start the year, I’ve decided to publish this blog and start it with a reflexion.

It’s unbelievable how fast the time pass by. It’s already 2014. On one hand, it seems like yesterday when I was living in Bergen, on the other hand, everything seems far away.

I can affirm that, despite the bad times, it has been the best year of my life. And I say this, mainly because I’ve discovered a whole with photography, and I’ve known the pleasure of traveling, knowing places and meeting people. And what’s the most important is that it has been a year that has helped me to rethink what I really want to do in my life and what is not.

When I wonder myself about what I want, automatically the answer is I want to travel. Go all over the world with my camera, taking photos of places and people. And every single time I ask myself this question, I ask also the opposite: what’s what I don’t want in my life? The answer is clear to me: I don’t want to work locked in an office for eight hours, five days a week; I don’t want to live a monotonous life in which the only thing I do is going from house to work and vice versa; in conclusion, I don’t want to live for working. Life is short enough to waste it.

Now is when I’ll have to deal with all fears that come and are more intense the more sure I’m with my ideas. It’s also now when I’ll have to deal with all that fears to unknown and what gets out of what we are taught as children. I think that’ll be the hardest part.

I hope this new year that begins all of you may fulfill all your dreams. May it be a year that makes you smile when you’ll remember it.

Translation by Juanmi Tocados.

Post in Spanish – Entrada en español.

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